Semester Calendar


22 Spring Quarter Begins


AAU Indiana State Karate Tournament. Held at "Off the Wall Sports" in Carmel. NOTE: You must be an AAU member to participate in this one.  See the flyer and register HERE

13 5-9pm "Old School" Parent's Night Out. Enjoy a whole night of exciting dojo games.  Bring your favorite gaming console too. Pizza and drinks provided. $35. Register online HERE.

22-4/2 Brownsburg Spring Break - WE WILL BE OPEN.


2 No Competition Team Practice.

17 Battlefield and old-fashioned Indiana pitch-in lunch. Desert contest! Join us at Arbuckle Park in Brownsburg, Shelter 7. Saturday, 12:00pm to 2:00. Bring something home-made to share. Also, bring a lawn chair. Drinks and utensils provided. Register online HERE. $35 for Battlefield participants.


Dojo Cleaning – Register online HERE.  Friday night, 7:10 for 30 minutes.

19/20 BELT PROMOTION – Because people are busy with school ending, we promote during the second half of their last scheduled class this semester. $35 with family discounts. Register online HERE.

Note: (Activities in bold are extra-curriculars for blue stripes)

Note: Hourly requirement this semester = 22. You may miss two classes without having to make them up on Friday nights.