Our Instructors

Shihan Paul Adamson

Head instructor at our Zionsville dojo

Shihan Paul Adamson has been studying martial arts his entire life and teaching traditional Okinawan Karate in Zionsville for 15 years. Paul's parents have been running Adamson's Karate since 1977 and his three brothers also teach karate all over Indianapolis. Paul has spent many years traveling and training with martial artists from different styles all over the world and finding the common principals among them that work. Paul is the head coach for the Adamson's Karate Zionsville Competition Team which competes all the way up to the national level. He is also an avid tea drinker and runs a small tea business called Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.

Collin Stroup

Senior Instructor at the Zionsville dojo, 4th degree black belt

Sensei Collin Stroup is a 4th degree black belt and is the head instructor under Shihan Paul at our Zionsville location.  He has been studying Martial Arts for 20 years and has been teaching in Zionsville for 13 years now. Collin has always had a passion for karate and martial arts and even started a Martial Arts Club at the Zionsville High School where he trained with people from different styles and taught many classes as well.