Kids and Families



When Shihan Adamson opened his first karate studio in 1977, he immediately started developing a program for his own children that included the karate principles he believed to be most important. In order to be most effective, Shihan created classes that could be taught in a way that children could best understand which included the concept of character development. Now, 30+ years later, time and experience has helped us develop a children's program that is unmatched in karate.

Our youth program is designed for children age six and up. We love this program because we believe that it can help your child's overall development in a number of ways. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Group/Personal Discipline For the benefit of your child, we run a more disciplined class than you will find in other martial arts studios. This allows your child to thrive in an environment they will naturally respond to. Our program has clear, defined, and enforced rules and expectations which help students understand and appreciate the value of self-discipline.
  • Character Building Your child will be taught the importance of being attentive, punctual, and also learn to stay within the boundaries of acceptable behavior.
  • Life Skills We will help your child develop goal setting skills and the tools necessary to achieve those goals. We have a special built-in curriculum that will reward your child for attained goals. You will see them light up when they are recognized by their Sensei for a job well done.
  • Work Ethic The program also encourages children to distinguish the difference between fun time and work time. Our students are taught to work hard when it's time to work and have fun when it's time to play.
  • Sports Development Your child will be challenged to improve his or her overall athleticism. Our program incorporates strength training, flexibility, and endurance which can help students excel in all other sports.
  • Self-Control Our goal is to also help your child develop a greater measure of self-control. This is important in any area of life including relationships and school.
  • Foundation Building Furthermore, we work to bring positive behaviors back into the home. We have a curriculum in place that will help influence your child's overall behavior. It works great!
  • Self Defense Of course, we develop basic self-defense skills and karate foundational skills. After all, this is martial arts. We are "old school" when it comes to karate. Our black belt candidates are expected to achieve a high level of perfection as well as physical and psychological toughness.