Why karate?

Most traditional martial arts, including Okinawan karate, not only focus on teaching a person to defend themselves physically, but also promote shaping them into a well rounded, kind and confident individual with a focus on life long health. Karate is not just about strengthening your body, but also instilling values in you that promote peace of mind as well.

What's the difference between karate and other martial arts?

There are as many differences as there are similarities! It all depends on where you look. Some are more focused on sport, others more on traditional self defense and the art side of things. Another main difference is where the martial art comes from as well. However, most share common ground with the basics. Punching, kicking, blocks, movement and routines such as kata are usually quite similar early on. Where the real differences can be found is later on in training when you expand upon those basics with the principals of the martial arts for more free-form self defense.

Why Adamson's Karate?

Adamson's Karate has been around since 1977 and we have grown into the largest school in central Indiana. Our program is primarily focused on traditional martial arts study, but we do offer modern sport karate as well. All of our students are welcome to compete in inter-school Admason's Karate tournaments or may join our competition team and compete on a regional and national level with the AAU or internationally if they show interest. We offer many paths of exploration in martial arts and can push you to great heights wherever you choose to put your efforts.

Do you practice weapons?

Yes we do! All of our traditional weapons routines come from Yamanni Ryu and we have a direct relationship with Shihan Nishime who has been a friend of ours for many years and lead many seminars at our schools. We also practice the Filipino stick and knife style Pikiti-Tirsia Kali from our relationships with Tuhon Leo Gaje which is great for movement and knife self defense. 

Where will I start if I have taken another martial art?

This happens all the time! Plenty of people move or feel like they aren't getting enough from their training and want to try something different. We welcome students from any other schools, whether you have studied karate or not. Many of them share similar routines like the Pinan katas which we do practice. Some of our drills and the ways that we do things might be different and we are willing to work with you to see what we share in common. Belt levels work differently in most schools so we can evaluate where you are at within our program and work you in from there. Just stop by one of our locations and talk to an instructor for more information.