We are the leading dojo on the local level and a major player on the National Level.  Each year our students compete and win at the highest levels of our sport.  Not only that, but our classes are filled with kids getting real-time help with confidence, anxiety, focus and health.


We are a Traditional Karate Dojo, not a Modern Commercial Martial Arts School.   Often, these schools rely on gimmicks, heavy marketing, pressure sales tactics and high turn-over rates.  That's not us.  We are here to make your kids engaged, motiviated and progressing in a family focused atmosphere with an old-school emphasis on treating people right, good work, discipline, passion, and fun!  If you want substance over image, we want to meet you!  Our traditional dojo has a very high retention rate all the way through the coveted Adamson Karate Black Belt. 



We were there at the very beginnings of the Karate experience in the United States.  Hanshi Doug and Janice Adamson founded our studio in 1977.  This means that we, through many hard-fought tournaments and years of mat sessions have the experience, the long-standing reputation and the dedication to excellence it takes to direct you toward excellence.      



Adamson's Karate is a local, family-owned Karate Dojo with deep roots in this community.  The Adamson Family is quite unique in that the entire family teaches and trains Karate - now in our third generation.  Hanshi Doug Adamson is the internationally recognized head of our family style called "Shorei-Kai".  He is actively involved with the training of our black belt candidates, competition teams and camps!  Shihan's (Master Teacher/Practitioner) Paul, Peter, Ryan and John are here to expedite you to the next level!  Before long we will have another crop of Masters.  Perhaps you will be in that crop?


We have schools in the following communities: Noblesville, Carmel, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Avon, Bargersville and Shelbyville.  One great thing about a large group of schools is that we all can participate in inter-school competitions, activities, Summer Camps, and informative seminars from senior staff you just won't find in other schools. 

  Level/Age Specific Training

Commercial Martial Arts schools often mix all levels together offering lots of class time choices per week.  It sounds good on the surface but it's not good for your over-all experience with Martial Arts.  In time, without specific times twice per week your teacher expects you in class, students get side-tracked and start choosing video games or play dates over class saying "I'll just go to class tomorrow".  Of course tomorrow has something that comes up and...  Soon they get behind and drop out.  We offer specific class times so that your family makes a habit of coming to class at those times no matter what.   We have one of the highest retention rates in the nation and this is part of the reason. 

We also separate experience levels so that we can focus on exactly what they need at that level.  

At Adamson's Karate we offer three excellent programs: 

  • Our preschooler class is for ages 4-6,
  • Our kids program is great for anyone 7 and up -- this one is especially popular for families looking to train together!
  • You'll love our Karate course for Men and Women!  Here we focus on applicable self-defense and dynamic movement promoting good health, strength and confidence at any age.
  • Of course, this doesn't include our amazing competition team experience, Summer camps and the like.

And last but not least...

...We like to have fun!
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