Competition Team

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  • AKS is one of the largest and oldest Traditional Karate teams in the United States. We have chapters in Noblesville, Carmel, Brownsburg, Avon, Greenwood, Shelbyville and Zionsville but we are all the same team and receive similar instruction.    
  • We compete in the Amateur Athletic Union, the largest and most competitive Karate governing body. We will also participate in some local Karate tournaments of the PKC. 
  • Each year we deliver the experience of being a National and International Karate Champion to many of our students! 
  • First year athletes compete at the local and regional level (Regionals is in Chicago in May), more experienced team members are eligible to participate in the AAU National Championship in Florida. You will get intensive training from Hanshi Adamson the week before the competition in Competition Team Session II. 
  • All AKS Travel Team athletes wear the same team jacket. 
  • Karate is an Olympic sport. AKS is a player at this level.

What is Competition Team?

Our Competition Team is a group of committed athletes who are dedicated to taking their Karate training to the highest levels possible!  In this upgraded training session we rocket improve our kata, kobudo (weapons), and kumite (sparring).  Difficult tournaments are part of the process.  Shihan Paul and his team of experienced coaches trains these kids and adults for 3 hours each Saturday during the season.  On top of that, there is normal class attendance and homework attached to the end of each class through the week.  There are at least 2 local tournaments and one tournament in Chicago that are required although we suggest competing as much as possible.  Our AKS Competition Team produces truly world class athletes in every sense of the word.  

How do we get on Competition Team?

It all starts in on the mat during class. If we see a student that we believe has the dedication to pursue competition, we make note of it.  When it comes time to send out invitations these students will be invited to join. If you or your child expresses interest to join the competition team, talk to Shihan Paul. He'll either give you things to work on before you can join, or make note of your desire to compete and possibly send you an invitation in the fall.

Times, schedules, prices and commitments are detailed in the COMPETITION INVITE.

 If you have any questions, you can contact Shihan Paul at