Adamson's Karate for Children and Families

A balanced program promoting dedicated work and fun.

Our regular classes are for ages 7 and up and will take your child through all of the required training to make it to black belt.  We teach traditional Okinawan style martial arts that have been around for centuries and refined through time and study. Here are a few things built into our curriculum.

  • Traditional forms (Kata)

  • Practical self defense

  • Long term physical health

  • Confidence building and dealing with bullying

  • Leadership through teaching younger classes

  • Setting at home goals

  • Extra seminars exploring many different aspects of martial arts

Beyond our regular curriculum, we also offer the chance to compete in local tournaments and we also have a competition team that competes up to a national level if that is a path your child wishes to pursue. 


Zionsville Beginner Class (2 times a week)

Monday Wednesday Friday


(Main Class)


(Main Class)


(Makeup Class)


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